The Healthy City Support Organization aims to build an international network where cities spearheading initiatives to create a healthy city join hands with universities, corporations, organizations, and individuals to support health maintenance and promotion in the Western Pacific Region, one of six geographical regions of the World Health Organization and the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC). The mission of the HCSO also includes work to further expand and fortify such initiatives. The HCSO is composed of experts in medicine, sociology, government administration, industry, the economy, culture, and other fields.


We became a member of the Alliance for Healthy Cities in 2010. Since then, we have been involved in activities that bring healthy and safe living environment for citizens in cooperation with member cities and civic groups.



Conceptual diagram of HCSO's activity

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WHO's Healthy City

The idea of WHO's Healthy Cities came out when rapid urbanization brought about causes that affect human health in Europe. These are population growth, degrading air and water quality, crowded housing, traffic congestion, and poor waste management, to name a few.


For a long time, keeping healthy condition had been considered as individual's responsibility. However, complex factors, such as quality of water and air, access to safe food, living environments, urban environments, and education, affect each other that are beyond individual's effort. Cities' various condition need to be developed properly in order to improve the standard of city dwellers' health physically, mentally, and socially.


Based on such recognition, WHO's Healthy City seeks to involve as many pepople as possible whose fields are not necessarily health and medical care in order to establish the system of assuring city dwellers' health.

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The Alliance for Healthy Cities

"The Alliance for Healthy Cities is the network founded on the international efforts on Healthy Cities in Western Asia region. Members are municipal governments, national governments, NGOs, private sectors, academic institutions, and international agencies. The Alliance was founded in 2003 at the First Organizational Meeting, an inaugural meeting held at the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific in Manila, Philippines."


"With the close collaboration with the World Health Organization as well as international cooperation, the Alliance provides opportunities to share experiences of Healthy Cities, recognize and promote outstanding practices and innovations within Healthy Cities, mobilize resources for Healthy Cities, and develop new knowledge and technology for the advancement of Healthy Cities through international collaboration."


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Japan Chapter of AFHC

Japan Chapter of AFHC was founded in 2005 with AFHC's recognition. It networks cities promoting healthy cities in Japan, aiming to expand healthy city movement by collaboration and information exchange.


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