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As the official media of Healthy City Support Organization, magazine covers the latest information of various activities in various countries concerning living environments, town developments, and movements of local governments toward the realization of healthy cities.

As an only print media specializing in Healthy Cities, this magazine plays an important role in realizing healthy societies as a common ground for exchanging information, dissemination and awareness rising.

・Circulation: 10,000 issues
・Readers: Government officials, municipal government officials, people concerned with health, medical, and welfare, city planners, ・architects, designers, students, etc.
・Issuance Frequency: 3 times a year
・Publisher: Healthy City Support Organization / UDC Co., Ltd.
・Chief editor: Hisao Kajimoto

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The newest issue

Healthy City Design Magazine 05

Date of publication:December, 2014

Issued by:NGO Healthy City Support Oraganization/UDC Co., Ltd.


《Feature1》Healthy Diet

A healthy diet supports energy needs and provides for human nutrition without exposure to toxicity or excessive weight gain from consuming excessive amounts.The requirements for a healthy diet can be met from a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods.
In terms of such food produciton, Tokachi and Obihiro City in Hokkaido have a huge advantages.In the area, there are large-scale dairy farming and dry field farming that made use of fertile land by the immensity are prosperous. With food self-sufficiency rate is 1,100 percent, Tokachi and Obihiro City have the role as the Japanese food base.
In order to provide added value to crops and stimulate the industry, Obihiro City established the “Food Valley Tokachi” philosophy in 2010, by which they aim to become the base for strengthening their international competitive power.
This feature, we introduce how Tokachi and Obihiro City have been engaged in providing food safety and security while establishing the brand.


  Healthy City Design Magazine




Back numbers

Healthy City Design Magazine 04

Date of publication:July, 2014

Issued by:NGO Healthy City Support Oraganization/UDC Co., Ltd.


《Feature1》Healthy Office

A healthy office environment is crucial for workers. it helps to improve thier attitudes, productivity and loyalty. Also, it helps employees make healthy decisions in their own lives.
In 1986, New Office Promotion Committee under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, promoted the New Office Movement in which free address workplace and mobile workers were encouraged.
How much the office worker's environments have been improved? It is reported that they are witnessing a significant increase in the burden of chronic disease brought on by stress, mental disorder, and so on. With most Japanese are spending a third of their lives at work, it’s essential that businesses help promote health and wellbeing from within the office.
The benefits of a Healthy Office can be huge, with participating organisations reporting a change in employee engagement, team cohesiveness, absenteeism and productivity. Good promotion of health helps to alleviate work-related stress and improves the overall physical strength.


《Feature2》Healthy City in the world -Taiwan-

Hsinchu City, Tainan City

●Municipal Government Forum  
 Kashiwa City in Chiba, Wakuya Town in Miyagi
●Health Promotion
Corporate Citizen Forum  

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Healthy City Design Magazine 03

Date of publication:June, 2013

Issued by:NGO Healthy City Support Oraganization/UDC Co., Ltd.


《Feature1》Regional medical and hospital management

For municipal governments, systematization of local medical care and improvement of hospital management are important. Establishing the network for collaboration among medical, welfare, and related fields specialists for the regional residents will bring huge benefit to the municipal governments and the stability of manegement for each organization. Professionals from various medical fields introduce their attempt on this matter.


《Feature2》Healthy City in the world -Korea-

Wonju City, Gangnam-gu in Seoul City, Gangdong-gu Seoul City

This issue features Wonju City, which designs sustainable ecological urban environments, Gangnam-gu in Seoul City, where globalization of economy is eminent, and Gangdong-gu in Seoul City, which aims at aging 100 years in healthy condition.

●Municipal Government Forum  
 Obu City in Aichi, Kianagoya City in Aichi, Yawatahama City in Ehime
●Corporate Citizen Forum
●Visiting Healthy Cities  
 The 1st Visiting Healthy City in Yawatahama City

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Healthy City Design Magazine 02
Date of publication:July, 2012

《Feature 1》 Designing Healthy Cities

This issue features housing and community. In tripartite talk, researcher, architect, and policy maker exchange their opinions concerning enhancement of living environments. In the latter part, architect Shigeru Aoki contributes an article on his "Refine Architecture" which aims at regaining the potential attractiveness of cities. This time, the architect applys it to declining shopping street and housing complex.


《Feature 2》 Healthy cities in the world

Illawarra in Australia, Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan in Mongolia

This issue features the healty ciy activities of Illawarra in Australia, and Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan in Mongolia. Also, contributiing article on Mother‐and‐baby notebook in Mongolia and discussion among young Mongolians are introduced.

●Municipal Government Forum  
 Tajimi City in Gifu, Yamato City in Kanagawa, Abiko City in Chiba
●Corporate Citizen Forum  

  Healthy City Design Magazine






Healthy City Design Magazine 01
Date of publication:December, 2011

《Feature 1》 New Social System

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, new framework of sound growth centering on safety and security has been required. Meaning of "Health" varies with each people; however, human bond is essential. Focusing on the key word, experts from various fields discuss how to develop a new social framework.


《Feature 2》 Healthy Cities and their Development

WHO attributes the cause of damaging health to not only individual but also urban environments, society, and economical situation. What has to be done to improve city dwellers' health? In this issue, Director of WHO reginal office, researcher, top official discuss the theory of Healthy Cities and their practice.

●Municipal Government Forum  
 Fukuroi City in Shizuoka, Ichikawa City in Chiba, Owariasahi City in Aichi
●Corporate Citizen Forum  

  Healthy City Design Magazine






Healthy City Design Magazine Special Issue
Date of publication:May, 2010

From the Radiant City to the Healthy City


City of Hope with Light and Green


Idea of Healthy City


Healthy City in the World

・Urban Planning of Curitiba in Brazil etc.

  Healthy City Design Magazine


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